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Leading Better Patient Care

We utilize modern technology combined with clinical methodology to stay ahead of the curve with the fastest turnaround times as possible. We strive to exceed all industry standards and to continually improve patient care.


BPH takes rigorous measures to ensure that all of our operations are compliant with applicable state and federal guidelines, and our executive team includes multiple members with legal experience.

As part of this commitment to compliance, we make no direct or indirect compensation to any physicians and we offer no inducements for physicians to submit specimens or tests. All of the tests we perform are based upon the patient’s medical history or the physician’s declaration of medical necessity, and we take every measure to ensure that there is no financial motivation for a provider to make use of our services.

To help us to be in compliance in a highly regulated industry, we have implemented a Corporate Compliance Program. To help ensure we met the OIG’s “7 elements” of an effective compliance program, we’ve developed a compliance department within BPH. This team assisted us in performing a risk assessment in the development of our Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual as we recognized that an “off the shelf” program could not meet BPH’s commitment to compliance. All staff and the executive team will receive training on the Code of Conduct and that compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines and our policies is a requirement for employment. Each team member is encouraged to come forward with any questions or issues without fear of retaliation; in fact, doing so is a condition of employment. Management and staff are all expected to participate in compliance training at least annually. We know that a compliance program is not only the right thing to do, but it is also good business.

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