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Leading Better Patient Care

We utilize modern technology combined with clinical methodology to stay ahead of the curve with the fastest turnaround times as possible. We strive to exceed all industry standards and to continually improve patient care.

BPH is always interested in forming new Partnerships around the Country that are compliant and make sense.

With a very robust, deeply vetted, Nationwide Network of In-Network Labs, Physicians, Reps and Distribution Partners, we constantly get requests regarding In-Network Modalities that need a strong national or regional presence with the right capabilities.

Our Process is VERY Specific, Unique, Compliant, and IT Works for our clients and their patients!

As organizations adapt to new health care technology-driven advances, demand is expanding rapidly for testing modalities and healthcare products. When working with us, you can expect transparency, analytics reporting, compliance, marketing assistance and quality training.

BPH market-leading solutions can help you meet this demand and add new revenue streams to your business.

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Taking your first step to becoming a BPH partner is easy. Simply register your details and one of our partner relationship managers will contact you to explain the BPH program benefits and application process.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

Get the most affordable prescriptions focused on you.