Urine Toxicology

BPH is an industry leading, full-service clinical laboratory. We deliver quality service and efficient results for molecular genetics, blood testing, toxicology, and pathology.

Our proprietary methodology provides accurate and timely information concerning the medications and substances found in a patient’s system. Toxicology is an essential resource for providers to help prevent abuse, demonstrate medical necessity and analyze the relationship between dose and effect.

Our Proprietary Methodology

• Qualitative and quantitative methodologies using chemistry analyzers as well as LC-MS/MS
• Broad and customizable testing of over 115 analyses and substances
• On-site clinical consultations
• Proprietary reporting formats via EHR, EMR, BPH web based portal, email, or fax
• Results posted within 48 hours of receiving specimen

This information can be crucial in guiding the physician in formulating the safest and best treatment plan for their patients. Toxicology is useful in preventing abuse, demonstrating medical necessity, and analyzing the relationship between dose and its effects.

Proprietary User Interface

BPH utilizes a proprietary user interface DEFERO created by our affiliated company, Guardian Software Solutions. This cloud bascloud-based was specifically designed to meet the needs of medical providers. Some features of our proprietary user interface include:

• Standard reports as well as historical graphing
• Available EMR/EHR integration
• Customizable testing panels
• Automatic email alerts of positive results
• The ability to batch sign and upload results
• State-of-the-art encryption of all client data

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